Hands Off Healing
The Balanced Energy Program

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Hands Off Healing means hands off of the physical body.

Each session is 20 to 30 minutes in length. During the session you lean back in the recliner chair in my office, close your eyes and pay attention to any sensations you feel in your body. You will hear me walking around the chair during the session as I work with your bio energetic field, some call this the aura. What I am doing is helping to bring your energy field back into balance.

All healing is a return to balance. Every health challenge is a combination of the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional (and probably a few other classifications we donít have words for). We simply classify it according to its predominate characteristic. Healing doesnít specifically "treat" anything. If in its presence you allow yourself to come back into balance, as many people do, then you do. You just do.

Many people have noticed an immediate reduction in anxiety after the first healing. The healing allows your body to incorporate a new healing vibration that continues to work after you have left the office. Most people feel extremely relaxed after the session, therefore, I always do a healing prior to any hypnosis session because it is so helpful, relaxing people and paving the way for successful hypnosis.

The healing frequency reconnects us to the fullness of our beings and of who we are. It is considered to be able to reconnect us to the universe and to our very essence.

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