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Send yourself or anyone else healing vibrations 24/7

Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer (ABPA A2) Features:

• Promotes efficiency, harmony, and balance of your biofield
• Enhances well being
• Advanced subtle energy instrument, very easy to use
• Make remedies, clone energies and homeopathics
• Can also transmit frequencies from the F-Scan, F165, SE-5, QXCI, Rife, and others
• Operates with AC power adaptor (included) or from a 9-volt battery
• Completely self-tuning, just set a couple switches and the ABPA does the rest. The built-in sending unit broadcasts the energetic patterns and countermeasures generated directly to the subject of your research
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Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer (ABPA A2) Benefits:

• Allows anyone to transmit energy patterns and solutions and to achieve effective "remote sessions" either by itself or with Rife, Clark, and other modalities
• Helps to reduce the stress on your body’s energetic system
• Neutralize stressful energetic residue that may be contaminating your foods
• Antidote and neutralize the energetic effects of chemicals and toxins in household products that may be weakening your body (such as household cleaning products)
• Neutralize harmful energies in your living area and land, including sick buildings, water and soil, greenhouses, farms, and agricultural applications
• An essential tool for Feng Shui practitioners and professionals

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