The Balanced Energy Program

Michael Kelly, CEO & Founder, ThoughtForms Corporation and The Balanced Energy Program

Psychotherapist and founder of ThoughtForms Corporation, Michael Kelly has created and patented a breakthrough technology for transferring the healing properties of homeopathic medicines,herbs, and pharmaceutical drugs into a digital form for use on computers and audio cassettes. This process makes it possible to listen to the vibrations of the medicines over the Internet, on CDís or recorded cassettes.

Since 1978 Michael has been practicing Medical Hypnoanalysis an advanced form of hypnosis that allows access to the root cause of the problem that is embedded in the clientís subconscious mind. Once the root cause of the problem is identified via the subconscious mind it is possible to replace the negative suggestions from the past incidents with positive suggestions. Then the symptoms disappear.

Michael has studied psychology at Bowling Green University in Ohio and the University of Minnesota. In addition, he has studied a variety of cutting edge technologies used to activate and balance left and right hemispheres of the brain. Michael is certified in Whole Brain Learning, by the John David Institute in California. He is a member of the National Association of Professional Hypnotist, the National Guild of Hypnosis, and the American Association of Professional Hypnotist. On three different occasions Michael has been a speaker on the faculty of the American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts at national seminars. He as also created three new therapeutic techniques. Michael served as the state coordinator for Citizens for Health a national organization working to protect citizens rights to choose whatever means of health care they desire as well as their rights to freely purchase health supplements and natural medicines.

Michael first began his career as a biofeedback technician with Richard D. Willard, M.D., in Indiana. Willard, one of the six founding members of the Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts, personally trained Michael in the art of Medical Hypnoanalysis and bio feedback.

Michael has been a guest speaker on Minnesota Public Radio, KSTP-TV, lectured and taught classes at the University of Toledo, the University of Minnesota, Bowling Green State University, The College of St. Thomas, and Macalester College in St. Paul,Minnesota. He also teaches classes throughout the Midwestern United States on human potential and development.

In 1990 Michael was awarded patents for digitizing medicines in his work with energy medicine..

In 1995 Michael researched and applied methods of increasing production levels of organic foods utilizing energetic frequencies in both plant reproduction and in 2007 he worked with methods of energizing water to enhance the health of fish, both of these methods can be applied to Aquaponics.

In addition to his training in alternative medicine, Michael has worked as a legal consultant specializing in the psychological aspects of jury selection.

He has advanced training in the following areas:

1978, Course 101 Medical Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine; Diagnosis, Analysis, Successful Treatment Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts

1979, Successful Treatment of Obesity and Eating Disorders.

1981, Iowa Institute of Medical,Therapeutic, and Forensic Hypnosis, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts

1981, The Great Debate Course 101,Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts

1982 Post Graduate Course Medical Hypnosis, 1982 Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts

1981, Iowa Institute of Medical,Therapeutic, and Forensic Hypnosis, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts

1982, Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis for Positive Sexual Functioning, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts

1982, Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis forthe Successful Treatment of Marital Dysfunction, Society of MedicalHypnoanalysts

1983 - to present conducted researchon the body-mind connection and the use of sound vibrations in healing for ThoughtForms Corporation

1983, Successful Sports Hypnosis Course, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts

1983, Acceptance form Birth to Death in Health and Disease, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts

1984, Medical Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine; Diagnosis, Analysis, Successful Treatment Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts

1984, The Treatment of Psycho-neurosis with Medical Hypnosis, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts

1986, Spiritual Aspects in the Successful Treatment of Depression, Stress, and Anxiety, 1986 Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts

1989, Understanding Yourself and Other, Dreikurs Relationship Center, Bakersfield, CA.

1990, Designed a placebo-controlled double blind trail for the United States Patent Office and was later granted a patent in the United States, China, Australia, and Mexico.

1993, Body Kinetic Institute ĖAdvanced Kinesiology, Bio Intelligence a Process for Accessing Subconscious Memory fields.

1993, Patented technology for the use of homeopathic, herbal, and pharmaceuticals on audio cassettes, CDís, and computer technology.

1994, Published a double blind study in The Townsend Letter for Doctors, June 1994. Suppression of Frequently Recurring Herpes by the delivery of homeopathic medications via audio cassette technology. A placebo-controlled double blind trial.

1994, Studied with Sharry Edwards creator of Bio Acoustics.

1995 Grew organic tomatoes using frequency application and successfully reduced growing season by 3 week and enhance number of tomatoes per plant.

1996-97, Minnesota State coordinator for Citizens For Health

1997, CEDS introductory Training in Electro Dermal Screening

1997, Graduate of Universal College of Electro Dermal Screening Practitioners

1999, Trained in four levels of Qi Gong by Master Chunyi Lin, International Certified Qi Gong Master from China.

2000, Successfully reversed the genetic disease CMT, using DNA, Reno Nevada (unpublished).

2000, Successfully transmitted a healing frequencies over the Internet from the United States to Africa where it was downloaded and successfully treated Malaria.

2002-2003, Created the Balanced Energy Program utilizing advanced technology to transmit healing energies that assist in balancing the body.

2006, Certified in the use of Voice Stress Analysis and Voice Remapping.

2007-2008 researched and conducted experiments with energized water in fish aquariums to prolong the health of the water.

Michael continues to explore and investigate the applications of subtle energy to enhance life forms and improve the health of humans, plants, and animals.