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This is a true story…In 1993 a businessman from Thailand by the name of Thavisith Pongprapansiri (pronounced Ta – Visit, Pong-prop-on-sear-ee, his name will soon be a common household name) invested several million dollars to start a company that would produce cereals and food products from processed rice to feed babies and children. Little did Thavisith know that what he had started would ultimately change the treatment of disease and illness and benefit the health of the world’s population.

His company began producing these grain-based cereals for distribution in Europe. At the same time, the company began donating cereal products to children suffering from malnutrition. After a while, Thavisith began to receive letters and calls from parents stating that his cereals were reversing and curing their children’s malnutrition problems.

He returned to those areas to find amazing results. The cereal was providing the children with the proper nutrition that they were missing. For the first time, they were receiving the proper nutrients that would reverse the affects of malnutrition, a condition that is very difficult to correct.

Full of hope and excitement, Thavisith formed a team of scientists from Switzerland and Germany. They began to study the raw materials that went into the cereal (the grain). They found a particular strain that grew in specific areas in Thailand. The soil in these areas is very rich in organic matter. They believed that this helped the grains produce more functional nutrients.

Through a proprietary extraction process, the scientists found that they could stimulate human cells to produce the exact type of energy the body needs to bring metabolism back to normal. Thavisith was finding that babies eating this grain would experience improved learning capabilities. As other children began to take the grains, their immune systems became stronger and the children learned much faster.

His team discovered that this native strain of grain (mainly rice) would produce polysaccharidepeptides or PSP (The product is know as Alfa PXP Forte). These PSP’s were recognized by the body cells as food that is easily and immediately absorbed and assimilated. The body acknowledges these PSP’s, and it says "yummy", this is good. Thavisith and the scientists spent years experimenting until they discovered a proprietary "Alpha-Glycan" process that would preserve the nutrients from the grain in a powder form. This powder would only work when combined with water and if consumed immediately after blending. This product is called: Alfa PXP Forte.

For the next six years, Thavisith traveled all over the world and was, with the help of this PSP (The product is know as Alfa PXP Forte), literally able to save thousands of lives. He didn’t just help them reverse their conditions…he helped them live!.

"What greater gift can you give to your friends, loved ones and those you don’t even know yet?. I want to provide a healthy, natural alternative for people and give them other ways to get better to heal and be free of disease and pain and suffering."

Thavisith Pongprapansiri, His goal is to help the world’s population learn about this new technique of reversing the body from all kinds of illness, disease and ailments. Thavisith took the Alfa PXP Forte along with his nine years of research and proven results to one of his colleagues from the West. They wisely arranged to provide Alfa PXP Forte to as the exclusive distributor of this "Miracle Product".

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Imagine being able to help people reverse the effects of disease and ailments, to rejuvenate and repair tired, broken and sick bodies?

How Alfa PXP Forte works

The body is a perfect machine, an engine if you will. When it was created, the earth was full of perfect foods and nutrients…then we had to make it better…

So now, most people’s bodies are improperly nourished and can’t utilize the foods they eat. Fast foods, processed foods, chemicals and unnatural food... The body can’t extract the proper nutrients from these foods therefore; it lacks energy to help the cells function. This leaves toxins and waste to fester in the large intestine. The natural functioning of the body changes and is no longer able to do its job. The body gets poisoned and full of acids, which it can’t fight. This is how most diseases and illnesses form in the body.

This Can Be Reversed…

Alfa PXP Forte feeds the body at the cellular level. Once the cells receive the proper nutrients, they can produce the proper energy for the DNA to start functioning again, or functioning at a higher level. This begins to put the body back in its natural order. The body can’t function properly unless it gets the proper energy from the cells that are powered by the mitochondria (the tiny little engines in the cells).

In-vitro studies, with human cells, prove that Alfa PXP Forte triggers the cells and all the damaged cells start to recover or rejuvenate in a couple of days. In essence, the DNA repair process starts functioning properly and can now do its job at maximum efficiency.

Alfa PXP Forte will reverse the adverse affects of poor nutrients most people ingest. This non-allergenic, completely safe whole food, Alfa PXP Forte provides each and every cell with the energy it needs to metabolize glucose, rid the body of toxins and waste products as well as rejuvenate and repair itself. Once people know how to correct the bodies’ metabolism and help it function properly, they will flock to the product. With Alfa PXP Forte, you can help people get their lives back and give people a new hope for living a quality life.

Let Me Ask You an Honest Question…

Do you know anyone with: high blood pressure, diabetes, bad skin, constipation, migraine headaches, Alzheimer’s, cancer, poor digestion, bad memory, inability to move around, low energy levels, constant illnesses, aches and pains, chronic pain, heart problems, Parkinson’s disease, kidney or liver problems, respiratory problems or any medical illnesses, disease or pain?

According to the American Heart Association; Heart disease, Cancer and Stroke are the three leading causes of death in the United States. Over 60 million Americans have one or more cardiovascular diseases.

Everyone knows someone who is suffering from some kind of ailment, disease, pain or illness. Someone who you wish you could help take the pain and suffering away.

How would it feel to be able to do just that…give those people some relief?. …some way of improving the quality of their lives… just a little bit…maybe a few hours without some pain. Maybe they could have the gift of spending time with a grandchild that they couldn’t hold or see or play with… Or maybe just helping someone to smell the fresh air for the first time in a long time…

Seem far-fetched? It’s not, absolutely not. This is what Alfa PXP Forte can and will do for your friends, family, loved ones and those you don’t even now yet. What would that be like…?. What would it be like to give that gift to someone?.

Alfa PXP Forte can:

• Retard the aging process.

• Help memory disorder sufferers have a better quality of life.

• Improve digestion.

• Boost the immune system.

• Enhance detoxification.

• Increase the t-cell count: very important to cancer and HIV patients.

• Improve mental vitality.

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• Allow for better bowel movements.

• Create better sleep patterns.

• Increase energy.

• Improve eyesight.

• Decrease respiratory problems.

• Rejuvenate and regenerate the body on a cellular level.

• Help regulate glucose or blood sugar levels blood.

• Detoxify the colon.

• Help strengthen the kidney and the liver.

• Enhance sexuality.

• Help all the bodies organs to function at a higher level of efficiency.

• And help rejuvenate and regenerate the entire body and move it toward a more balanced metabolism and function at a much higher rate.

But don’t take our word for it…

"I had chronic high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation and post-traumatic, post-operative osteoarthritis in my right knee. I took two blood thinners and one potassium replacement for my cardiovascular problems and Celebrex, a painkiller for my knee. I’m very cautious and skeptical to supposed "new cure-all" products, never seeing proof of any physical improvement. I started taking Alfa PXP Forte on 1/12/03, I was so focused on the potential cardiovascular benefits of PXP, I didn’t realize until five days later that my knee had been PAIN-FREE all week, despite frigid temperatures and rainy weather. I stopped taking the Celebrex and my knee remains PAIN-FREE."

Marsha Slocum-Sugar Land, TX

"I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1998. I am a very large lady and have had poor results with many diabetic prescriptions. My blood sugar was 160 on 1/14/03. I started taking Alfa PXP Forte on 1/15/03. after two days on Alfa PXP Forte my blood sugar dropped to 140…Miraculous, I thought…On 1/17/03, four days after starting PXP, my blood sugar was 118! This is nothing short of awesome!.

Beverly Peasley-Elizabethtown, KY

These are only a few of hundreds of testimonials coming in every day of actual real life results…and Alfa PXP Forte was only just released in January 2003.

Alfa PXP Forte is beginning to be noticed by the world… What does this mean to you?.

Imagine having access to what will be the most powerful nutritional product to be released, ever!… Once the studies are published the public will demand Alfa PXP Forte …Where will you be?.…Will you be trying to catch the wave as it peaks…or will you be riding the wave as it begins to swell?

The choice is yours…not that there really is a choice…

90% of all people making serious money are making it in residual income from nutritional products…in the next five years will pay out a minimum of $60,000,000.00…Yes, that’s sixty million dollars minimum from Alfa PXP Forte alone! Will you get your fair share?

Here’s what the experts are saying about Alfa PXP Forte

PRESS RELEASE from Thailand’s Ministry of Science and Technology: "Thailand’s Innovation Development Fund (IDF), within the legal framework of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and Thailand’s Ministry of Science and Technology has announced a scientific cooperation in the innovative project with the producer of Alfa PXP Forte for the further research and development of the "Alpah-Glycan polysaccharidepeptides-PXP" the active nutrients contained in Alfa PXP Forte.

PRESS RELEASE from Cho-ray hospital, Vietnam: "A recent study was conducted with 300 doctors and nurses who were experiencing some kind of heart condition. They participated in a 90-day test where they took Alfa PXP Forte daily. The results were astonishing, 100% of the test population showed significant improvement in their heart condition within the 90-day test period. We are now administering Alfa PXP Forte to 100% of our intensive care unit patients."

"The body needs to perform three basic tasks: Balance PH, Detoxify and Build up the immune system. With Alfa PXP Forte there is no guessing game for the body as to how many and what kind of supplements to

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take… Alfa PXP Forte re-energizes the body on a cellular level. When the body cells become healthier, the cells will in turn stimulate the body’s natural healing power to work against sicknesses and ill health".

Dr. Howard Peiper, N.D.

"In my 30 years in the industry, taking one division of a company from zero to six hundred million dollars in Mexico and opening up 23 countries, I have never seen a product like Alfa PXP Forte.

Alfa PXP Forte is the best "gem" that’s ever existed in the industry. This is the only product that I have seen first hand actually improve bodies. To see black legs turn pink and flesh tone and watching blood pressure readings go down is nothing short of miraculous.

In one month, the testimonials have been flooding in like I’ve never seen before; that’s never happened anywhere before that I know of. This product is changing the world. I want to see it and be a part of it. This is the right time…in the right industry…with the right product…the right ownership…the right company,…with the industry’s best compensation plan… to create a highly lucrative business opportunity for all who get involved both nationally and internationally."

Mr. Russ Hall – Owner of Enzacta

"The body needs quality energy. Cells can only provide substandard energy with poor nutrition. Only a few microorganisms of food are useable in most diets, the rest are toxins that get stored in the body. Alfa PXP Forte gives the body the biological fuel it needs and in most cases is lacking. These natural nutrients are recognized by the body to trigger the cells to do their work.

No one has ever been able to create a product to do this…until now… Alfa PXP Forte is suitable for all ages. It is easily and immediately assimilated into the cells to provide natural food with nutrients from rice that will enhance cell repair and regeneration.

Finally a product that will actually help the body do what its supposed to do…"

Dr. Leonard Rubinstein M.D.

"After a successful career in film and two Emmy awards, I found I had no time for my family or to enjoy life. A friend introduced me to Network marketing. I built what was the largest network ever developed in the Spanish-speaking world with over a half a million distributors. I sold out and did as little as possible…until now…

I was introduced to, the owners, and the management… Alfa PXP Forte … was the clincher. I know it will be the next major product in the industry and the world. I knew this was going to be an unbeatable guaranteed success. The unlimited possibilities of Alfa PXP Forte and the opportunity to help expand into Mexico, their first of many Latin American countries is a phenomenal opportunity. I know they will do it right!.

Paul Stevens"

I have not experienced another product as effective as Alfa PXP Forte in remedying such a variety of illnesses and conditions. I have seen direct results in its usage for diabetes, MS, intestinal dysbiosis and gastric ulcers. Alfa PXP Forte seems to decrease free radical damage and increase the anti-oxidants in the body."

Dr. Mark Dargan Smith, N.D.

Dean of the University of Natural Medicine, Santa Fe, NM

Who’s behind

Russ Hull is a man of his word. He’s been there, done that, has the t-shirt, the hat and now he’s built the company, Since 1973, Russ has been involved in network marketing. He has a strong background in the computer industry as well as many years of inside corporate experience. This has allowed Russ to develop network marketing programs and support technologies faster and more efficiently by taking advantage of the benefits of, and utilizing Internet technology. He has seen some companies run well and most not run real well. In the Fall of 1998, Russ took what he had learned, some good and some bad, from some well run and not so well run companies and put it to practice creating

The Mission:

Helping the world’s population who desperately need relief from illness, disease and chronic pain. By bringing Alfa PXP Forte to the world, we will help people feel better, live longer and have a better quality of life. By training, teaching and leading every IBO to run successful businesses of their own, they will make

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more money, improve the quality of their lives by achieving their dreams and goals while making other people feel healthy, wealthy and Enzacta. Russ believes in providing each IBO (Individual Business Owner) with a fully functional business through the Enzacta-Office. This allows each IBO to have access to advanced reporting capabilities, precise up to the second detailed sales reports and total control of their own business. Each IBO knows, at any time, how much of what product is selling or not selling and exactly how much money they are making.

Russ believes that if you serve each IBO, teach them the most effective ways to make money, provide them with the best and most technologically advanced tools in the industry and combine those with the best compensation plan in the industry… they will succeed in their businesses.

He believes in basic business principals that have helped him achieve great success in such a short time. His company,, is built on strong ethical and moral principles as well as a foundation of strong family values. Family is an integral part of any business. At, family means building a business together with and for your family. Creating a lasting legacy that will not only take care of you and your immediate family now…but provide for all those you care about for generations to come. Regulatory issues are of primary importance to Russ. Everyone enters the company on the same level playing field…but those who are good can shoot straight to the top.

At many company gatherings you will often hear…"Boy Russ you have no idea how refreshing it is to be with a company that really cares about their distributors and puts their money where their mouth is".

With a strong leadership council that meets regularly, Russ and his staff, listen to what’s going on in the field. "That’s the key". Since day one, we listened and made changes. We listen to every IBO. They are the ones out in the field day-to-day. As long as it’s in the best interest of the entire company we will make changes. That’s how you grow a company.

We have a strong leadership team and strong value based products that provide good profits for any business owner to succeed."

"The Company was built slowly with integrity and ethics. We have plans to grow the company in the same way we built it. We will steadily grow and expand to markets in other countries as long as expansion follows our model. We will expand strategically into new countries when we have the infrastructure and know how to do business safely, efficiently and legally. We will be fully licensed and have a sound global expansion plan so as not to create challenges to the company and the field by expanding without the proper infrastructure in place.

Alfa PXP Forte will spread quickly throughout the world. We want you to know about it so you can prepare for it and be a part of it. I will pay out in excess of sixty million dollars in the next five years…just on Alfa PXP Forte. How much of it will I pay to you?. The consumer needs and wants the product badly…

"My four year old daughter has lived with incredible pain and discomfort from dry, chapped skin all year long, but worse in the winter. Her lips are cracked and bleeding every day. Her shin and calf areas are so dry they were literally cracked and bleeding as well. I cried every day for her discomfort every time I applied the thick medication to her legs 3 times a day, with little or no relief. I gave her 2 scoops of Alfa PXP Forte. Two days later, I was brought to tears, only this time they were tears of joy, Not only had the cracking and dryness disappeared…her skin felt soft and silky for the first time in her entire life. Her lips were healed and not bloody that morning. There is no way in the world I can see my family ever getting off Alfa PXP Forte. I will keep 6 bottles on hand in my home; because I will never like to see my daughter suffer that way again for any reason.

Susan Redemann-Tampa, Florida

Paul Zane Pilzer, economic advisor to two presidents and three-time New York Times best selling author describes in his new book: The Wellness Revolution...The Next Trillion Dollar Industry, why the Health and Wellness Industry is set two explode.

Fact: up to 70% of the U.S. adult population is overweight. Up to one-quarter of all American adults are considered obese, over 70 million people… Unfortunately, one half of all adult Americans will die of heart disease. One out of three adult Americans will contract Cancer at least once in their adult lifetime. These

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shocking statistics, combined with skyrocketing health care costs are placing more emphasis on staying healthy, on preventive care, proper nutrition, exercise and nutritional supplements.

Now you see why the Health and Wellness Industry is set to become the next Trillion Dollar Industry… Like most people, you probably want more energy, to make more money and have more free time to do the things you enjoy in life. With the business model, the industry’s best and highest paying compensation plan supported by its incomparable next generation nutritional and wellness products, travel and e-commerce mega-profit centers… you can have all that… and more. knows there is no finer business and life opportunity anywhere in the world. "The Lifestyle of Millionaire's" can easily be your reality, where people truly become Healthy, Wealthy and Enzacta.

If you want to make a six figure income, get a pay raise each month without asking your boss, if you want to make money with the next "gem" in the industry and want a compensation plan that keeps making you lots and lots of money…

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