Alfa PXP forte
The Balanced Energy Program

When you balance your body the body will heal. Everything is balance.

Alfa PXPThe Balanced Energy Program offers you unique opportunities to bring your body back into balance. We have recently added distributorship of Alfa PXP forte™ to our Balanced Energy Program.

What is PXP?
From the legendary fields of Thailand’s Siam Valley comes Alfa PXP forte, polysaccharide peptides made from unique rice strains enriched with pure Alfa Spirulina. PXP’s ability to feed your cells at the same time it protects them from damage means this amazing nutrient supports your body’s ability to:
• Boost your immune system to fight illness and disease • Increase energy, vitality, mental clarity, and focus • Enhance circulation, oxygenation and brain function • Target hormonal imbalances, mood swings and poor sleep • Fight depression, memory loss and dementia • Decrease high blood pressure, elevated LDL and triglycerides • Balance blood sugar levels and improve digestion • Enhance libido and sexual performance naturally • Boost metabolic function and increase weight loss • Fight disease and aging the healthy, natural way.

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